Saturday, April 18, 2015

Master's Garden Workday!

This past Saturday, Chisholm was full of excitement! I drove out for the Master’s Garden project work day and was AMAZED by the activity there. I have been to the Nehemiah Center lots of times, but never had I seen so many people with such a drive to work. Cars filled up the NC parking lot and then some, and then cars lined the street for a good 100 feet in each direction! Members of the Chisholm community, First Baptist Church of Montgomery, and the Montgomery Junior League all pitched in, and you aren’t going to believe the work performed!

            As you might know, the Nehemiah Center has been planning this Master’s Garden for a while. I’ve been keeping you up-to-date on the plans, the events, and the plants going into the garden, but even I was surprised by the magnitude of God’s work! I had imagined the Master’s Garden as a small plot in someone’s backyard; instead, I walked into a two-acre field of tilled soil ripe for planting. Part of the garden was allotted to community plants like blueberries and corn that will be worked to feed people who need them. Another part of the garden holds upwards of twenty individual plots for Chisholm families; by 10:00 AM, they had all been claimed. It was so awesome to see the promises that the Garden held for those parents and kids. The parents were happy because of what that garden meant, and the kids were happy just to be with all their friends on the project work day!

            This brings us to another facet of the Project Work Day: the kids’ activities. The workers did a great job of getting kids involved in the work at hand! Around thirty kids from the community, the Nehemiah Kids Club, and the Junior League participated on Saturday. They were great sports, helping plant seeds, pick up fallen leaves for compost, and make toad houses out of clay pots. They also had a dance party, hung out with the Nehemiah Center’s resident rooster, and ate hotdogs grilled out by a few men on the job.

            To conclude, the Master’s Garden work day was a huge success. The many hands and hearts invested in it totally contributed to the project’s success, and I am so excited to continue the updates on this fantastic adventure! Hopefully, I can get the pictures to post this week; I held the rooster and it was a sight to behold!

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