Sunday, March 1, 2015

Garden Growth

Hi readers! Earlier this year, the Nehemiah Center started a community garden. Now we are happy to tell you that our garden is growing up and out!

        This week, the chairman of the Chisholm Community Garden answered some questions that I had and you probably had too. Take a minute to read over all the new things happening in our garden and consider becoming a part of it!

  1. What is your name, and what is your involvement with the Nehemiah Center?
    My name is Robin Caddell. I’m the chairman of the Chisholm Community Garden and a part of the First Baptist Church Nehemiah Project.
  2. What is your goal for the garden this spring and in the future?
    Our goal is not only to promote growing and eating healthier foods, but also to create community among the Chisholm residents. The garden will become a gathering place for the community. The garden will be used as a teaching tool for the children at the Nehemiah Center, along with children from the area schools and the Girls and Boys Club.
  3. Are there any upcoming events set for the garden?
    YES! There are a lot of new things coming up for the project that you can help make great!

  • Greens, Beans, and Growing Things is a community event to be held on March 8th, 2015 at the Nehemiah Center. We’ll announce the garden to the community and let the people in on some exciting plans!
  • First Baptist Church will hold a Garden Tool Drive on Sunday, March 15th, 2015. New or gently used tools are needed for the project.
  • The Little League’s Day of Service, held Saturday, April 11th, 2015, is the upcoming grand opening of the garden by Montgomery’s Junior League. League members along with their families will volunteer their time and service to the garden.

  1. What specific things will be planted in the Chisholm Community Garden? Where will the products go?
    We’re growing a mostly vegetable-based garden this year. We have collards, corn, tomatoes, and other summer veggies, as well as a large crop of blueberries in a common area, and we also have plots for individuals to work themselves.
    As always, we hope you’ll get involved with all that the Nehemiah Center has going on! We need volunteers for the garden, so if you want to help you can call Jane Ferguson at 241-5141 or Robin Caddell at 546-7902. Thanks for reading!

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