Monday, January 19, 2015

Director's Update!

     Many people still have a lot of questions about just what it is that we do at the Nehemiah Center. Let me give you just a little glimpse of what happened at the Nehemiah Center this week:

-35 children received after-school care

-each child received individual tutoring on Wednesday

-some children received daily individual tutoring as well as one-on-one homework help

-Several children and adults received individual counseling by our in-house counselor

-Some children participated in Equestrian therapy at M.A.N.E.

-Eight lucky children took tennis lessons with our own tennis pro, Coach Ben

-Our basketball team started practicing for our upcoming “Little Dribblers” Tournament

-Six children were treated for childhood medical conditions

-Our sweet special needs child, Juan, received his new glasses

Now this was just a highlight from the Nehemiah Kids Club!

   In GED we feed our homeless students daily. I met with our partners at the Junior League to make preparations for a community day of service and kick off for our new Community garden (check out last week’s post!) I helped a young mother who is a victim of domestic violence find safe shelter for herself and her four very young children. Sadly, her “marriage’” at age 13 could more accurately be described as her bondage in slavery as part of the sex trade industry. In our Parenting program I counseled with young mothers who had just witnessed a horrific shooting just blocks from the NC and their homes. While police helicopters hovered over the NC and police cars sped up and down our street in pursuit of a robbery that had just occurred, we sat safely in “lock down” mode and spoke of God’s promise to not only sustain us, but empower us to make positive changes in our own lives as well as the lives of our children, families, and community. 

     After a day of school “lock downs” due to a shooting just three blocks from school, Brodie, my therapy dog and I read to five grade school classes at Highland Gardens Elementary about a young pastor who changed the world with a message of love and PEACEFUL, NON-VIOENT PROTEST. Giving each child a hug and small bag of “elf” cookies was a reminder that even a small person (or dog) can make a BIG difference!

      Are you tired yet?  Well, this is just a sampling of one pretty typical week at the Nehemiah Center.  I’m honored to be able to be a part of a ministry that touches and changes lives daily, but it’s not about me.  Each one of you who supports the NC with your time, prayers, and money is an important part of making a daily difference.  Each one of our valued supporters plays a crucial role in bringing about God’s Kingdom here on earth.  If you’re not involved, come join us. If you ARE involved, our love and appreciation goes with you, so keep it up!

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